Workshops & Custom Training

FlexConnector Workshop

Most SIEM and Log Management companies offer a wide range of supported security devices. However, many do not support emerging or highly customized point solutions. ThetaPoint can help bridge this gap by teaching customers how to build production quality parsers for the unsupported or customized point solutions.

ThetaPoint’s FlexConnector Workshop is typically a 5-day workshop focusing on the fundamentals of FlexConnector development. The goal of this workshop is to teach the fundamentals of developing FlexConnectors and to build 2 or 3 FlexConnectors for use in the customer’s environment. Customers will gain a deep understanding of all fundamentals so they can develop future FlexConnectors for their environment.

Custom Training

ThetaPoint offers custom training courses. ThetaPoint staff will work with customer to identify topical areas that will be covered. ThetaPoint then creates custom curriculum and exercises to use during onsite training.

Next Steps

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