Our Mission

ThetaPoint is a group of expert security engineers who have combined their real world experience to establish a premier IT security consulting firm. ThetaPoint’s primary mission is to enable organizations by providing industry leading services around SIEM, Log Management, Security Point Solutions, Incident Response, and general IT security concerns. ThetaPoint consultants have a proven track record of success with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in all industry verticals.

ThetaPoint was founded on four basic tenets: Experience, Innovation, Solutions, and Collaboration. Together these four principals drive who ThetaPoint is and how we do business. Each principal is critical in the success of every project ThetaPoint completes.

Experience - Results Not Promises

ThetaPoint consultants are some of the most experienced and well-respected thought leaders in SIEM and Log Management. Fortune 500 companies and government agencies call on ThetaPoint for results.

Innovation - Creative Ideas

The landscape in IT security changes on a daily basis. Companies who can’t adapt to these challenges appear on the nightly news. ThetaPoint offers creative ideas for todays most pressing problems.

Solutions - Making the Complex, Simple

ThetaPoint heavily invests in security research to stay on the cutting edge. This research allows ThetaPoint to build reusable solutions to solve some of the most complex problems.

Collaboration - Building Solutions Together

Every company has a unique set of challenges they must address to be successful. ThetaPoint works with clients to discover the best solution to their business problems.