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SOC Engineering Services

ThetaPoint’s Security Operations Center (SOC) Engineering services delivers consistent, repeatable outcomes for our clients. Leveraging more than 20 years of SIEM/SOC experience, we advise, architect, implement and optimize your technology stack. Leveraging the ThetaPoint Security Reference Architecture, we take a vendor agnostic approach to solving your immediate security challenges, all while preparing your organization for the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Architecture Review and Design

As organizations look to evaluate the current state or need to plan for expansion of their security infrastructure, they often find that they need detailed answers about how everything fits together in order to move forward. ThetaPoint’s Architecture Review and Design service is typically a 5-day effort, focusing on new and existing customers who are looking to re-tool or expand their usage of SIEM and Log Management technologies. This service can also used to establish a technology baseline so project milestones, goals, and tasks can be defined and measured. ThetaPoint consultants have over 10 years of experience at the Master Architect Level and can provide robust architectural recommendations for most customer projects.

Implementation Services

Security vendors offer many products and solutions that need to be implemented by trained and knowledgeable resources. The various technologies require deep understanding of Operating Systems, Oracle Databases, Network configurations, and SAN Storage configurations to be deployed successfully. ThetaPoint’s Implementation Service focuses on installing, configuring, and tuning Security Products in a customer’s unique environment. Customers can be assured that when completed, they will have an optimally performing solution ready to tackle the complex business problems the products were intended to solve.

Parser Development

Most SIEM and Log Management companies offer a wide range of supported security devices. However, many do not support emerging or highly customized point solutions. ThetaPoint can help bridge this gap by authoring production quality parsers for the unsupported or customized point solutions. ThetaPoint’s Parser Development service is typically a fixed price effort based on a review of the log(s) that needs to be parsed. Customer’s can expect to receive a production quality parser, categorization file (as needed), installation instructions, and support for up to 1 year.

Performance Evaluation

During the day-to-day use of SIEM and Log Management technologies, many customers often experience errors and performance issues that prevent them from gaining the real value of their investments. SIEM and Log Management technologies need to run error and issue free to achieve optimum stability and performance. ThetaPoint’s Performance Evaluation service is typically a 5-day effort, focusing on the health and wellness of customer’s SIEM and Log Management infrastructures. The goal of this service is to provide customers with a clean bill of health so they can get the most out of the tools without annoying and problematic errors or issues.

Third Party Integrations

As SIEM and Log Management technologies become more ingrained in day-to-day IT security operations, companies find that they need these tools to integrate with other in-house technologies like Ticketing systems, internal HR systems, threat management systems, Etc... The problem is most SIEM and Log Management companies do not offer services to accomplish this type of integration. ThetaPoint’s 3rd Party Integrations service offers organizations the ability to integrate their SIEM and Log Management technologies with various complementary technologies. ThetaPoint can build custom solutions (content, scripts, programs, Etc...) leveraging Service Layers, APIs, and Common Protocols to accomplish a seamless integration between a customer’s product investments.

For more information on these or other ThetaPoint Service Offerings, please contact us.