Architecture Review and Design

As organizations look to evaluate the current state or need to plan for expansion of their security infrastructure, they often find that they need detailed answers about how everything fits together in order to move forward.

ThetaPoint’s Architecture Review and Design service is typically a 5-day effort, focusing on new and existing customers who are looking to re-tool or expand their usage of SIEM and Log Management technologies. This service can also used to establish a technology baseline so project milestones, goals, and tasks can be defined and measured. ThetaPoint consultants have over 10 years of experience at the Master Architect Level and can provide robust architectural recommendations for most customer projects.

The Architecture Review and Design service offers detailed review of the following topical areas in a 2-day onsite workshop.

  • Current and future state goals
  • Security solutions currently in use
  • Event types for in-scope devices
  • Event volumes for in-scope devices
  • Log retention requirements
  • Compliance initiatives
  • Datacenter / physical location of in-scope devices
  • High Availability / Failover / DR requirements
  • Customer defined objectives

Upon completion of the 2-day workshop, ThetaPoint will use the remaining 3-days to provide a written summary (PowerPoint) and report (PDF) of all findings and recommendations. The summary and report will contain detailed information on the following subjects.

  • Complete list of all customer architecture / project requirements
  • Logical diagrams of the customer’s architecture including current state, future state, and event flows
  • Architectural recommendations including hardware and software specs, storage requirements, and configuration recommendations
  • Solution recommendations
  • High Availability / Failover / DR recommendations.

Next Steps

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