Performance Evaluation

During the day-to-day use of SIEM and Log Management technologies, many customers often experience errors and performance issues that prevent them from gaining the real value of their investments. SIEM and Log Management technologies need to run error and issue free to achieve optimum stability and performance.

ThetaPoint’s Performance Evaluation service is typically a 5-day effort, focusing on the health and wellness of customer’s SIEM and Log Management infrastructures. The goal of this service is to provide customers with a clean bill of health so they can get the most out of the tools without annoying and problematic errors or issues.

The Performance Evaluation service offers detailed review and identification of errors and symptoms in the following areas so an action plan can be established.

  • SIEM errors and performance issues including review of the SIEM itself, storage configuration, and databases where applicable.
  • Log Management errors and performance issues.
  • Event Collection errors and configuration issues.
  • Parsing issues.
  • Review of user created content for possible performance issues.

Upon completion of the review process, ThetaPoint will provide a written summary (PowerPoint) and report (PDF) of all findings and recommendations. Both will contain a prioritized action plan, next steps, and estimated timeframe to remediate all identified issues. Depending on the depth of the findings, follow-up time may be needed for ThetaPoint to completely implement the action plan.

Next Steps

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