SOC Operational Assessment

Technology is one aspect of an effective IT security or incident response program, not a magic elixir that will cure all that ails them. Organizations must also have business goals, a strategy on how to use the technology, and defined processes and procedures to support operations to be successful.

ThetaPoint’s Operational Assessment service is typically a 5-day effort, focusing on the supporting structure of an IT security organization. The goal of the service is to provide customers with an understanding of all the variables in their environment that need to be in place to support SIEM and Log Management technologies.

As part of the Operational Assessment, ThetaPoint will hold an onsite whiteboard workshop with key stakeholders and operational leads to identify and review the following topics.

  • Business goals
  • Solution building process
  • Use case identification
  • Intelligence integration
  • Incident response workflow
  • Compliance initiatives
  • Administrative support tasks
  • Customer defined objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, ThetaPoint will provide a written summary (PowerPoint) and report (PDF) of all findings and recommendations. Both will contain a prioritized action plan, next steps, and estimated timeframe to implement the recommendations. Depending on the depth of the findings, follow-up time may be needed for ThetaPoint to completely implement the action plan.

Next Steps

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